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NA Patch #7



Patch #7 is a significant update that required a hard data wipe.


Important statement about the UI (User Interface).

User interface will continue to deteriorate for quite some time. We do not want to waste resource polishing something that is actively evolving and changing. Finalization and rework of the UI will happen only after all core features are added.

New features

  • Crafting and trading improvements: for more information refer to the crafting topic¬†…crafting-ships/
  • Player contracts: players now can place buy/sell contracts for resources in ports (5 contracts max). Haulers selling resources will sell to the contracts with the max price. Players buying resources will buy from contracts with the lowest price.
  • Reinforcements and national waters protection: for more information refer to the reinforcement topic:¬†…ts-short-guide/
  • Events: 2 types of events added to the event list – large battles (every 3 hours and small battles. Events are balanced by nations and groups (opposing sides will have red and blue flags). Groups will enter the battles on one side. Large battles start with 36 players. Small battles start with 4. Ships can be lost or captured in the events. In the future event functionality will be expanded.

Combat changes

  • All combat changes from the patch #6.9
  • Gun loss now depends on frame state – you will lose guns a lot less with intact planking
  • Fire chances now depend on frame state – fires will start a lot more with destroyed planking
  • Stern damage should be a bit more dangerous

Content tuning

  • Upgrades are now split into 2 groups
    • Upgrades – can be installed and taken off the ship
    • Permanent upgrades – can only be installed once, and are destroyed if you take them off the ship
  • Map has been added to the game. Visuals are temporary, final map will be based on the beautiful maps created by the community, depending on the final UI art style.
  • Starting ship is now Yacht
  • Resources now can drop from traders
  • Weight system added
  • New ship characteristics added
  • Port production and consumption reworked
  • Useless modules reworked or dropped
  • Battle rating system rebalanced

Bug fixing

Multiple other fixes in terms of tech stability including sound improvements.

And of course: lots of new bugs and problems were introduced.


Goals for testing

  • Crafting
  • Events and balancer testing
  • Changes to repairs
  • AI behaviour
SLRN Recruitment

I’d like to welcome the following Officers to the Sea Lords Royal Navy…

Captain Tricks
Captain Lilywhite
Captain Hornblower
Captain PrimusPilus
Captain Windsor Castle
Captain William Kidd
Captain Matthew Bush
Captain Patrick Morgan
Captain Forward to Dawn
Captain Albert
Captain John Kincaid
Captain Felelo

Gentlemen to your stations, your ships await!

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