About us

History of the Sea Lords Virtual Fleets

At the turn of the millennium, Sea Lords Virtual Fleets were founded and formed. It was decided to give you, the naval enthusiasts and players, a place to join together with a common purpose of fun and relaxation. Age wise we are a mature guild averaging 35+ years and with that ‘hopefully’ a mature view towards gaming in general.

Since our first days and organization, we have had members from around the world. USA, Russia, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and many others. Joining online together sailing on the cyber-seas. We’re firing broadside after broadside! Fleets and squadrons that are formed, fleets and squadrons that are sunk. WITHOUT as much as the loss of life, limb, and all in goodwill and good fun.

It was decided at that time to be set up in a “quasi-military” fashion with ranks and ratings, and a chain of command that gave everyone a goal to work for.

So, whether you are looking to command a Lynx or the mighty Santissima, this is the place to be. So, waste not a minute! If you haven’t chosen a fleet to join, then check out our forum for our current selection of fleets.  Check out our SLVF Forum


Our pedigree – the games we cut our teeth on!



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