Royal Navy – SLRN


The SLRN in Naval Action

We are proud to boast that we were one of the first Fleets to form in the exciting new game NAVAL ACTION. From our early beginnings we have striven to recreate the professionalism and traditions of the British Royal Navy. We can also boast one of the largest, most active Fleets currently ingame, covering all time zones and heralding many players from around the world….

To a man we are passionate about the NAVAL ACTION, the period and the glorious history of the Royal Navy. If you wish to Take the King’s Shilling and serve King and country then the SLRN will be for you!

Fleet Structure


WHITE SQUADRON ‘The Fighting Jacks!”


Our single dedicated Fleet sports members from every part of the Globe and with ages ranging from 20 – 60+ years old. The “Fighting Jacks!” have currently some 180+ members, with in-game ranks from First Lieutentants, upto Rear Admirals.

Recruitment in the SLRN


Welcome to Sea Lords Royal Navy and thank you for your interest in joining our illustrious group. We are a small, but rapidly growing band of like minded individuals of varying experience and expertise, who like to indulge in a little light role playing in a friendly, disciplined and co-operative environment and blowing the enemy to smithereens!

A lack of experience is no barrier to joining as we are happy to assist you to become one of the finest Captains on the Great and Narrow seas. We do have use of a TS3 server and it is mandatory that you’re both willing and able to speak and listen on our TS3 channel.

Please also note our code of conduct which may be found here… Code of Conduct

If you wish to apply to join, please post within the Recruitment Forum with the following information to allow us to assess your application.

**IMPORTANT** We will not accept any member without prior contact at Sea and in Open World.

I suggest the best way to do this is for you to seek out the SLRN at sea and ask if you may sail and fight alongside him/us, so we may see that you will fit into our ethos and organisation.  Ideally we would wish to see you in more than the one battle and as such this process may take a few days. Once we have mutual experience of one another (for indeed you may decide you do not like us!) please then ask an existing member of SLRN if they will recommend you in your application – thank you.

History of the Royal Navy

The official history of the Royal Navy began with the formal establishment of the Royal Navy as the national naval force of the Kingdom of England in 1660, following the Restoration of King Charles II to the throne. However, for more than a thousand years before that there had been English naval forces varying in type and organization. In 1707 it became the naval force of the Kingdom of Great Britain after the Union between England and Scotland which merged the English navy with the much smaller Royal Scots Navy, although the two had begun operating together from the time of the Union of the Crowns in 1603.

Before the creation of the Royal Navy, the English navy had no defined moment of formation; it started out as a motley assortment of “King’s ships” during the Middle Ages assembled only as needed and then dispersed, began to take shape as a standing navy during the 16th century, and became a regular establishment during the tumults of the 17th century. The Navy grew considerably during the global struggle with France that started in 1690 and culminated in the Napoleonic Wars, a time when the practice of fighting under sail was developed to its highest point.



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