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Dear Captains.

It is good news and bad news for some.

We have to wipe the data next week with the introduction of first iteration of crafting prototype.

Reasons are the following.

  • As the game progresses data structure changes, it is getting very hard to maintain older players increasing development time significantly.
  • Based on the first open world testing from May to Aug, several redundant upgrades will have to be deleted and new upgrades introduced
  • Crafting will change the ship composition.

Wipe will be administered next week with the introduction of crafting patch. All the data will be deleted (assets, cash, players).

Estimated time for the wipe – wednesday, thursday next week 26 Aug.

If crafting patch is delayed for 1-2 days wipe will also be delayed.

Couple of suggestions:

  • During this period the best suggestion is to get out to sea and lose ships in combat. PvP, try new things, don’t be afraid to fight against bigger odds, everything you have right now will be lost.
  • When starting new characters after wipe – don’t include clan tags into the name. Don’t call your character RAE Spanish Captain. Basic clan functionality will be added after port battles, you will get a clan tag by other means.
  • If you manage alternative websites about the game – post this message on the forums so players who are returning to the game are not upset when they come back to an empty account.


Before the wipe we can spend some time thinking about numbers and balance – please use this post for your suggesions…anges-requests/


Players will also receive yacht as redeemable item + some cash, to avoid the 4gun lynx.

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