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Bienvenue! – Sea Lords Marine Francaise


The Sea Lords Virtual Fleets have been in existence for 15 years. Marine Francaise have kept the SLRN at bay for all this time. But now we need your help.

The call goes out for all able-bodied souls to come to the aid of Marine Francaise to keep all enemies at bay. The enemies of France are many, our friends are few. Sea Lords Marine Francaise, (SLMFr), ask only that you are willing to sail and fight in an atmosphere of respect and are willing to accept English as the working language of the fleet.  French knowledge is great and antagonizes les anglaise no end.

Our members are world wide for all fleets. Our guns do the talking…..afterwards we relax over a few in the Dog & Duck In. We are a casual fleet who are here to have fun. But make no mistake mes amis…the French Channel will be a stepping stone to Kent, and one day their children will sing  La Marsellaise in their school rooms.

Viv l’Roi…  Viv l’France!

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