Welcome to our new Lieutenants

January 5, 2016 by Charles Caldwell

Welcome to our new Lieutenants

A fine and hearty welcome to all those Brave Captains who have accepted the ‘King’s Shilling’

Lt. William Somers (Blue)
Lt. Sydney Beauchamp (Blue)
Lt. John Dough (Blue)
Lt. Rupert Pelham (Blue)
Lt. Itrosnoc (Blue)
Lt. Jacob Stanfield (Blue)
Lt. Crayon Eater (Blue)
Lt. John Wilkes (Blue)
Lt. Horatio Recluse (Blue)
Lt. Rexy (Blue)
Lt. Booty (Blue)
Lt. Danny7759 (White)
Lt. Uthred Uthredsson (White)
Lt. J Aubrey (White)
Lt Crossy (White)
Lt. Kheltrai (White)
Lt. Kouhler/Pugwis (White)
Lt. Geneslicer (White)
Lt. Ayala (White)
Lt. Moria (Red)

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