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Bienvenue! – Sea Lords Marine Francaise


The Sea Lords Virtual Fleets have been in existence for 15 years. Marine Francaise have kept the SLRN at bay for all this time. But now we need your help.

The call goes out for all able-bodied souls to come to the aid of Marine Francaise to keep all enemies at bay. The enemies of France are many, our friends are few. Sea Lords Marine Francaise, (SLMFr), ask only that you are willing to sail and fight in an atmosphere of respect and are willing to accept English as the working language of the fleet.  French knowledge is great and antagonizes les anglaise no end.

Our members are world wide for all fleets. Our guns do the talking…..afterwards we relax over a few in the Dog & Duck In. We are a casual fleet who are here to have fun. But make no mistake mes amis…the French Channel will be a stepping stone to Kent, and one day their children will sing  La Marsellaise in their school rooms.

Viv l’Roi…  Viv l’France!

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New Repair Mechanic

We are planning to roll out improved repair mechanics within next 2-3 weeks.

Here is how they will work.

Old repairs were free and did not had a meaningful effect on the sustained battles gameplay.

We plan to change that.

Problems with current system

  • Repairs are free in the battle and some people were just entering battles to repair
  • Repairs did not have logistical depth
  • Repairs were separated from OW
  • In the instance repairs lost the tactical choice (repair sails vs repair hull)
  • For me most annoying thing is that if i fight for a long time I lose battle effectiveness against new coming ships.


We plan to bring back unified repairs that were implemented in the sea trials. Repairs should have tactical consequences and should take into account lengthy battles if those happen. We don’t want to create different number of consumables overwhelming the player with fake choices.

  • Repair will have a cool down (starting time for testing 10 min)
  • Repairs will share cool down with OW. If you used it in the OW you will have to wait for the cool down even in instance
  • This means that repair button can be used in the OW and in instance consuming the repair materials
  • Repair will use repair materials when consumed
  • Repair will repair everything sails, hull and maybe crew (undecided on the crew), but we think it is necessary to give an option to recover crew.
  • Repair materials can be bought in any port
  • Different ships will have different amount of repair kits they can load into the hold which can increase tactical depth or benefits for certain vessels, making them longer range fighters.
  • HP for vessels will be increased
  • Amount repaired by repair kit will be increased (but you will be able to use it only between cool downs)
  • Current OW repair kits will not repair the ship but instead will recharge the amount of materials. They can be captured if you board enemy ships if they carry some.
  • Survival crew focus will continue to provide bonus for speed of repairs and we are thinking to add a % bonus to quality of repairs (more recovery)

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SLRN TeamSpeak Server

We in the Sea Lords Royal Navy are proud to announce the opening of our SLRN TS server to the players and captains of the British Nation. Those interested in joining us in the defence of the realm, merely contact a SLRN member at sea OW, identify your good self and with this verification you will be allowed to use our facility at your leisure…


It is hoped that in the spirit of mutual benefit, cooperation and interest that those Captains loyal to king and country will share information and cooperate in joint actions alongside His Majesty’s Royal Navy. Also those willing to take the King’s shilling will be able to sail with the SLRN and qualify for recruitment within our fleet if they so wish!


Our strict Code of Conduct applies and ungentlemanly conduct will not be tolerated.


Promotion’s within the Blue



To Heneage Dundas, Rear Admiral of the Blue
Officer Commanding HM North American Station


The Lords of Admiralty are pleased to approve the following promotions, to wit:

Nova Scotia Squadron

  • Commodore Gibson – Commodore of the Fleet
  • Captain Yamms – Commodore of the Nova Scotia Squadron
  • Master & Commander Prince of Whales – First Officer of the Nova Scotia Squadron
  • Master & Commander Lorden – Recruitment Officer of the Nova Scotia Squadron


Newfoundland Squadron

  • Captain Sir Samuel Hood – First Officer of the Newfoundland Squadron
  • Captain Tyro – Recruitment Officer of the Newfoundland Squadron



Recent recruitment for the SLRN

I’d like to welcome the following Officers to the Sea Lords Royal Navy…

Master & Commander Jovzin
Master & Commander Jac-Y-Do
Master & Commander Tubby Vermin
Master & Commander Lorden
Master & Commander Prince of Whales
Master & Commander Alex Connor
Master & Commander Darius
Master & Commander Z4ys

Gentlemen to your stations, your ships await!


Sea Lords Virtual Fleets website and forum are now live…. Its been 15 years since we had our dockyards refurbished. It’s now complete!

Welcome to SLVF

At the turn of the millennium, Sea Lords Virtual Fleets were founded and formed. It was decided to give you, the naval enthusiasts and players, a place to join together with a common purpose of fun and relaxation. Age wise we are a mature guild averaging 35+ years and with that ‘hopefully’ a mature view towards gaming in general.

Since our first days and organization, we have had members from around the world. USA, Russia, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and many others. Joining online together sailing on the cyber-seas. We’re firing broadside after broadside! Fleets and squadrons that are formed, fleets and squadrons that are sunk. WITHOUT as much as the loss of life, limb, and all in goodwill and good fun.

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